My *New* Business Principal

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My new business philosophy isn’t so much a new idea, but a return to common sense practicality. As a designer, there are many pressures, external and internal pressures to learn and know the latest technology or trends. That could be pressure to learn the latest coding language, game engine, font service, new Adobe program, etc. While there are times that are appropriate to expand our knowledge as a designer, we also must not rush past the skillset that is already established and can benefit us more immediately. I myself am guilty of this mindset, and often times the projects I pursue are bogged down or never get off the ground because I’m trying to learn how to do something. Then one day, I realized, I should do what I know to do and do it now.

There was a project, that I knew how to do, and could do it, but for some reason, I was off chasing the white whale with another project that had I had quite a learning deficit in. After a few months, I will be able to get to MVP status (Minimally Viable Product), something I’m sure I couldn’t say if I was still focused on the other project.

In closing, I want to clarify. I’m not saying don’t learn new things. I’m saying don’t waste the resources you already know to build things you don’t know enough about. Do what you know to do, and do it now.

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