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Build an Archive Arsenal

In Design Mattersby David Meyer

In the digital age (even the film age) I produced a lot of content in my photography, and in my busy lifestyle, I edited the highlights and sadly, did nothing with the rest. However, around 2009 I started purposely taking non-portfolio shots for the purpose of using them in my designs at the time when I was working for an …

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My *New* Business Principal

In Entrepreneurshipby David MeyerLeave a Comment

My new business philosophy isn’t so much a new idea, but a return to common sense practicality. As a designer, there are many pressures, external and internal pressures to learn and know the latest technology or trends. That could be pressure to learn the latest coding language, game engine, font service, new Adobe program, etc. While there are times that …

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Faith Integration in the University Classroom

In Higher Edby David MeyerLeave a Comment

Faith integration in learning entails several concepts from setting a spiritual tone in the course through prayer, but also through mentoring, and equipping students with skills and talents to further the Great Commission. God is in all space and the web and broader contexts such as mobile and wearable apps is a space, and God is in that space. We …

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Quick Tips for Travel Photography

In Photographyby David Meyer

Who doesn’t like to travel? I have a permanent case of wanderlust, and my wife does too. Hey, we even met in Thailand, so we both have a real sense of wonder for the world. Here are a few quick tips to help you as you travel and take photographs. Keep it Simple Sometimes our travel is not solely for …

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